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You may see a physiotherapist as part of managing your rheumatology condition. There are physiotherapists in both the rheumatology teams in the Children's Hospital and Adult Hospital.  

They treat a variety of conditions with the aim of improving pain, stiffness and range of movement. The services that physiotherapists can offer include:

  • Advice and education
  • Exercises
  • Manual therapy
  • Hydrotherapy

The doctors and nurses work closely with the physiotherapy team, and when they first meet you they will assess your symptoms and recommend the best options to support you in the management of your condition.  


You might find that your condition means that you are worried about exercise and any futher damage that it could cause to your joints. It is important to keep moving your joints and doing activities that strenghten your muscles though as your body is designed to move and this can help prolong the life of your joints. Talk to your physio or medical team if you are finding that pain from your arthritis is causing you to not want to move. The positive impact of movement and exercise can include:

  • Improving joint movement and easing stiffness 
  • Improving fitness
  • Strengthening bones and maintaining bone density 
  • Strengthening muscles 
  • Keeping your heart healthy 
  • Supporting weight loss

Alongside the physical effects of exercise you might find that it has positive mental effects, these might include feeling more self-confident and resilient at coping with your condition. 

You can find more info here.