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Sharing information for Connecting Care

Connecting Care is a digital care record system for sharing information in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.  It allows instant, secure access to your health and social care records for the professionals involved in your care. 

Relevant information from your digital records is shared with people who look after you.  This gives them up-to-date information making your care safer and more efficient.

For more information about Connecting Care, visit the Connecting Care website.


You may see our nurses and doctors using portable devices near your bed

Please don't be alarmed...  our staff are not being rude.

Our nurses and doctors are now recording and reviewing observations, such as your heart rate and blood pressure, on portable devices to help with your care.

Please take the opportunity to ask our staff what they are recording.

Find out more about our use of portable devices here.

Please see here for a leaflet on what we do with your personal information.