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Occupational Therapy

Specialist rheumatology occupational therapists aim to help you if your arthritis is causing difficulties in allowing you to carry out your daily activities independently.  These everyday activities could include school, work, home or leisure activities.

The occupational therapists can give you advice on ways and means of not straining your joints when using them (joint protection) and advice on planning and pacing to reduce tiredness (fatigue management).

They can do an assessment and provide splints to support joints at rest or activity; carry out a hand assessment to monitor for any changes in joints; and provide hand and wrist exercises to maintain range of movement and improve function.

They can also offer advice on any equipment or adaptations to help with everyday activities; help and advice on driving and mobility problems, and offer some basic relaxation techniques.

You may see an Occupational Therapist as part of appiontments in the Childrens Hospital or Adult Hospital. You can contact the Childrens Hospital team on  07786150218 and the adult team on 01173427388/89.