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Recognising our staff


We hope that the following information will help you to recognise the staff who you may see whilst you are in the hospital.

Staff group

Uniform description

Occupational Therapists (qualified)

White tunic top or dress with bottle green trim and/or bottle green trousers.

Occupational Therapists (non-qualified)

Plain white tunic top or dress and/or bottle green trousers.

Neurophysiology Clinical Physiologists

Lilac polo shirts with departmental and trust title on the breast and navy trousers.


Physiologists blue scrubs.

Biomedical Scientists

Wear lab coats in the lab and One Stop Breast Clinic.


White tunic or polo shirt with navy blue piping and navy blue trousers.

Technical Instructor (non-qualified physiotherapists) wear sky-blue tunics or navy polo shirts and navy trousers.

Radiology Department Nurses

Navy scrub suits (as worn in theatre).

BHOC Therapy Radiographers & Assistants Radiographers have navy and white striped dresses or tunics with navy piping with navy trousers. Assistants wear the same but with pale blue and white stripes or white piping.


Men wear short white coat and white t-shirt with navy/dark trousers.

Women wear navy and white striped tunics and navy/dark trousers or navy and white striped dresses.

Female radiographer helpers wear white tunics with blue piping and navy/dark trousers or navy and white striped dresses.

Uniform for male helpers is under review.

Student radiographers wear white tunics with maroon edging and maroon trousers.

Cardiac Technicians All grades wear a white tunic with red piping and black trousers

Orthopaedic Technicians Smart scrubs, dark green.

Dental Nurses

Dental Clinicians wear white coats over normal clothes.

Students wear white tunics over normal clothes.

Dental nurses wear pale blue and white striped tunics/dresses.

Principal dental nurses wear the same but navy blue.

Trainee dental nurses wear a white tunic with turquoise piping.

Dental nurse tutors wear a white tunic with teal piping.


Theatre suits for all grades.

Newborn Hearing Screeners

Lilac polo shirt with blue NHS motif with Newborn Hearing Screeners below.


Yellow tunic and dark trousers.


Light grey striped dress/tunic with yellow epaulets and trousers.

Renal Unit (Ward 37, Children's Hospital)

Royal blue polo shirts embroidered with Renal Unit.

Ward 35 (Children's Hospital)

Dark green polo shirts.

Paediatric Intensive Care

Grey stripe nursing uniform.

Paediatric Intensive Care Retrieval Team

Navy blue polo shirt embroidered with full department name and blue combat trousers.

All nursing grades

Grey striped dresses / tunics and trousers uniform.

Nursing Assistants

As above with brown epaulets.

Band 5 Nurses

As above with blue epaulets.

Senior Staff Nurses

As above with royal blue epaulets.

Teaching Sisters

As above with red epaulets.


Navy dress or tunic and trousers.

Consultant Nurse

Black dress or tunic and trousers with red piping.


Grey dress or tunic and trousers with red piping and red belt.

Clinical Site Team

Grey dresses.

Emergency Department Nurse Assistants

Grey scrubs.

Emergency Department Staff Nurses

Royal blue scrubs.

Emergency Department Nurse and Sisters

Navy scrubs.