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Transition was good. Everyone was friendly, helpful and caring



Your healthcare team will be able to give you support and advice to help you manage your condition. They can help by:

  • Teaching you about your illness, its treatment and any possible side effects
  • Making sure you know when to get help and who to contact in an emergency
  • Helping you understand future implications for your education and career plans
  • Making sure you know about the support networks available
  • Making you aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including alcohol, smoking and sex.

You can contact the paediatric rheumatology team on 0117 3420133. If you have moved to adult services the number for the BRI rheumatology team is 0117 3424881. The Southmead Rheumatology team can be contacted on 0117 4140600.

Alongside your healthcare team there are both local and national sources of support. 

National Support

There are a number of charities and organisations that have been set up to provide support and information to people who have rheumatology conditions. The following may be helpful: