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Transition was good. Everyone was friendly, helpful and caring


Sex & Relationships

Your condition may be the last thing you want to think about when you are thinking about starting a relationship, or you might be worried about how to talk to someone about your condition. Scope has some useful information on talking about sex and relationships, which also includes some useful links; you can read more here

Socialising and meeting other people

You can meet new people online, in your local area or through groups, events and activities.  If you prefer to meet people who understand what it's like to be disabled, you could look for local disability organisations or groups that focus on your particular condition.  Read more on socialising here:

Genetic counselling for planning a family

You might also be thinking about having a family in the future and want to know the impact of your condition on this. You can request an appointment with a genetic counsellor via your GP for information to understand how your condition may affect any children you have and what help there can be. You can also see a Genetic Counsellor to discuss what options maybe available to you if you were planning to become a parent. Genetic Alliance UK provide further information on this.