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Volunteer to take part in a study!

The following studies are open to recruitment so get in touch.


*Sympathetic nerve activation & inflammation in heart failure*

Some people with high blood pressure develop an increase in heart muscle size and their heart undergoes changes, which involves the development of heart damage. This results in poor heart function and heart failure; whereas other people with high blood pressure can maintain normal heart structure and function.

It is thought that the sympathetic nervous system and immune system are persistently activated in heart failure but it is not known which system is activated first in the progression from high blood pressure to heart failure.

We are looking for volunteers with and without high blood pressure (25-80 years old) to take part in this research to help us understand which system is activated first. Click here for more information or contact Hazel Blythe on or 0117 4283705.




*Carotid body in heart failure*

We know that the carotid body, a small gland in the neck is overactive in some people with heart failure but we don't know how active it is in other people with heart failure (those with 'preserved ejection fraction').

We would love patients with any kind of heart failure to get involved in this study, which is sponspored by the British Heart Foundation to help us guide possible future treatments for heart failure. Click here for the information leaflet.



Or for more information contact Dr Katrina Hope on or  0117 4283705.


*Sex differences in hypertension*

Please click here for information about this study or contact Zoe Adams on or  0117 4283705.