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Structural Heart Valve Team aims to provide a novel, comprehensive, easily-accessible online resource for patients, carers and healthcare professionals to improve knowledge of structural heart disorders, treatment options, referral processes and support networks.


The Team

Dr Mandie Townsend  -  Clinical Director & Consultant Cardiologist

Dr Mark Turner  -  Consultant Cardiologist

Dr Stephen Dorman  -  Consultant Cardiologist

Mr Franco Ciulli  -  Consultant Cardiac Surgeon

Mr Cha Rajakaruna   -  Consultant Cardiac Surgeon

Mr Mark Yeatman   -  Consultant Cardiac Surgeon

Toni Dorrington  -  Structural Heart Valve Disease Clinical Nurse Specialist

Caron Finn  -  Structural Heart Valve Disease Coordinator


Procedures, diagnostics and tests carried out at Bristol Heart Institute


An electrocardiogram (ECG) is used to record the electrical activity that accompanies each stage of a heartbeat. This tracing is useful in diagnosing many heart conditions. It requires placement of electrodes connected by stickers to the skin of the chest. During an ECG, the patient should not feel any pain or discomfort.


Computerised tomography (CT). This is a key screening test using X ray to assess your suitability for TAVI procedure. A CT scan produces multiple images of the heart from different angles, which the doctor can then see on a computer screen.

MAYBE an image of a CT Aorta  would be good

Coronary angiogram

This is when a small tube is inserted into your radial or femoral artery and images are taken of your heart arteries. The main purpose is to assess the state of your coronary arteries.