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Hypertension clinic

BPWe are a Tertiary Hypertension Referral Centre listed with the British and Irish Hypertension Society. Our specialist Hypertension Clinic has been running for over 3 years at the Bristol Heart Institute. 

This multidisciplinary clinic is suitable for:

  • Excluding secondary causes of hypertension
  • Young Onset Hypertension (<40 years by NICE guidelines)
  • Resistant hypertension
  • Drug-intolerant hypertension
  • Autonomic function testing
  • Assessment for new interventions such as renal denervation

The clinic is led by Dr Angus Nightingale (Consultant Cardiologist), with input from renal and endocrine specialists. There is also a strong research link with Dr Emma Hart at the University of Bristol and Professor Julian Paton at the University of Auckland. 

The clinic aims to integrate new research and best current clinical practice in all areas of hypertension. We have a well-established protocol for assessing resistant hypertension, including imaging (kidneys, adrenals, aorta and heart), ambulatory BP, biochemistry and lifestyle interventions. We also have extensive expertise in autonomic function testing in health and disease. 

We have one of the largest UK experiences of renal denervation and have an active research programme in non-drug interventions for Cardiology outpatientshigh blood pressure. 

To refer a patient or for advice please contact:

Dr Angus Nightingale
Department of Cardiology
Bristol Heart Institute
Tel: 0117 342 6572 or email: