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Mandatory research training and CPD

Mandatory training

We work closely with our partners to develop research ideas, bid for funding, and deliver the research we receive funding to carry out.

Good Clinical Practice (GCP): All staff leading and supporting research are required to have up to date Good Clinical Practice training at a level appropriate to their involvement in research.  It should be updated every 3 years, or more frequently if there are major changes in the regulations.   For clinical staff supporting research it may be appropriate to do modules of learning to support your role in the research.  Please contact Research & Innovation (R&I) or the research unit lead in your division for advice.  GCP and other NIHR courses can be booked or taken as e-learning at the NIHR's Learning Platform

Investigator oversight: Chief and Principal Investigators leading Clinical Trials of Investigational Medicinal Products must demonstrate that they understand their responsibilities for overseeing the research under the Clinical Trials regulations. It is mandatory at this Trust that they document their training as set out in the SOP_008 Investigator Oversight of Research.  Training must be documented on a training log or CV.  All CIs and PIs have a responsibility to oversee the research they lead appropriately, and the principles laid out in the SOP can be adapted to suit any type of research, depending on the level of risk and complexity of the research.  Please seek advice from R&I or your research unit lead if necessary.

Valid Informed consent:  All staff taking consent for research must be appropriately trained, and have documented that on their CV or training log. Informed consent training may be incorporated in GCP training, or done as standalone training.

Other training

There is a range of research training and workshops, all of which is available locally within the region or online.

UHBW: Read more about local training.

NIHR: Courses and e-learning run by NIHR West of England

Career development (Continued Professional Development): Postgraduate degrees and research methods training.