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Discharge information for carers

We know how important it is for the patients we work with to be in hospital for as little time as possible. This helps to reduce the chance of secondary infection while allowing them to return to a familiar environment and complete any recovery they may need. 

Throughout a patient's treatment they have an assessment of their needs, for instance what help they may need with washing, dressing and eating food. If it is clear they require support in other areas a physiotherapist or occupational therapist may be asked to assess the patient. These assessments will then form a picture of what (if any) support the patient may need when they go home. 

If the patient has not previously had support from care workers, a social worker will be asked to review the case, develop and request a care package. If the patient has previously had a care package, this may continue unchanged or may be altered depending on the patient's level of need. The nurse in charge of the care of the person you care for will be able to advise on this. There may be a cost involved in providing a care package to the person you care for and the social worker will speak with you about this.

We understand the importance of carer involvement throughout this time so we will endeavour to include carers throughout the assessments detailed above and in the development of the final care package.  Carers are able to request involvement in any assessments on the ward and to be included in any final care package.  If you no longer feel able to care, or feel you are no longer able to care as much, it is important you tell the nursing staff or social worker involved in the case of the person you care for.

If you would like to access support during this time please contact one of the carers liaison workers:


Do you need support?
If you would like support while the person you care for is in Hospital please contact the Carer Liaison Worker on 07763427688
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