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Education and Work

Things to think about

Whether you are currently in education, work or looking for work, your health condition could have an impact on what you decide to do in the future. It is a good idea as early as possible to start thinking about those decisions so you can make plans. Maintaining good communication with your school, college or employer is key to managing this area of your life, and although school might not be the first thing on your mind your friends can be a great source of support.

It could be helpful to think about some of the following questions. Maybe you are already thinking about some of these things but reading them through might help you decide if you need more help or information.

Questions about education and employment

  • Are you still at school/college or university? 
  • Do you have a full time or part time job? 
  • What are your career aspirations for the future, and do have a clear idea of how to achieve these? 
  • Do your employers or educational system know about your diagnosis and are they supportive? 
  • Do you have any exams or important events coming up? 
  • How does my condition impact on my work/study? 
  • What kind of support would be helpful to enable you to manage your study/work commitments? Do you know how to access the help you need?

You can find out information about information about apprenticeships, school leaver programmes and sponsored degrees here