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Questionnaire, interview and survey group

Questionnaires and other types of survey to gather the views of service users (patients and their relatives and/or carers) and be part of research or audit are an important feature of planning and delivering NHS services. If they are a part of a research study the study will usually need R&D ethical approval.

Surveys can provide valuable insights into the experiences and preferences of service users, but they need to be well designed and fit for purpose. UH Bristol has a questionnaire, interview and survey group (QIS) which can advise on the design and format of surveys (i.e. questionnaires, interview schedules, focus groups) and their appropriateness.

Questionnaires to patients/carers and members of the public need to be approved by QIS. The panel meets monthly; for further information including dates and how to submit, see this page. Staff surveys and interviews do not have to be approved by QIS but we strongly recommend that the expert advice and support of QIS is sought.

Questionnaires used as part of research studies that are submitted for ethical approval do not need to go to QIS. For some research studies a standard, validated questionnaire can be used e.g. for quality of life studies the EQ-5D is often used. Using these as part of a research study will require input from an experienced qualitative researcher. For advice on preparing grant applications see research funding and applying for grants.

Patient Panels

Some services in UH Bristol already have "patient panels" who work with the management team on key decisions. If you are planning a new service, or changing the way you provide an existing service, you may be required by law to involve service users in this process. Please contact the Patient Experience Team for more information.

Information Governance and Data Protection

It is the responsibility of the project lead (i.e. the lead person carrying out the survey, interview or focus group) to ensure that the Trust's Information Governance and Data Protection policies are adhered to at all times. For further information on Trust Information Governance and Data Protection please contact R&I