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Occupational therapy


Welcome to occupational therapy


The aim of our paediatric occupational therapy service is to enable children to participate in daily activities to improve health, independence and well-being.

The Occupational Therapy team provide assessment and intervention for babies, children and teenagers who have challenges with everyday activities (or occupations) as a result of illness, injury or a pre-existing condition. This may include:

  • Self-care e.g. self-feeding, getting dressed, bathing and toileting
  • Play and social interaction
  • Productivity e.g. school skills such as writing, typing, using scissors and drawing
  • Learning and development
  • Accessing the home, community or education environment 

We support safe discharge from hospital, which may include the provision of equipment, modifying activities and/or modification of the ward and home environment.

For further information please see the College of Occupational therapist leaflet.

Meet the team

Lisa Mills - Lead occupational therapist and highly specialist occupational therapist in osteogenesis imperfecta
Rebecca Muir - Specialist paediatric occupational therapist in Neurology
Rebecca Johns - Specialist paediatric occupational therapist in Burns
Poppy Greenman - Specialist paediatric occupational therapist in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Long Covid
Julia Smyth - Specialist paediatric occupational therapist in Barth Syndrome
Elise Thompson - Specialist paediatric occupational therapist in Neurology
Libby Iandi-Rosser - Senior Rotational Occupational Therapist
Jennifer Sellers - Senior occupational therapist in General Inpatients
Meadhbh Dunne - Junior occupational therapist in Orthopaedics
Elizabeth Martin - Occupational therapy assistant

Contact details

Service hours are Monday to Friday 8am-4.30pm

Tel: 0117 342 8429