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In theatre

Surgical team

The team comprises a surgeon, assistant surgeon(s), scrub nurse and support nurses

  • The surgeon carries out the operation with the help of the assistant surgeon
  • The scrub nurse gets everything that will be needed for the operation ready and acts as the liaison between the sterile surgical team and the non-sterile support nurses
  • The scrub nurse passes the required instruments and equipment to the surgeon


  • They control the heart lung bypass machine, which keeps the patients alive while the heart is stopped, in order to operate on it
  • There are always two perfusionists available for every operation

Anaesthetic team

  • They put the patient to sleep and keep them asleep during the operation
  • They also monitor and keep stable all physiologic parameters in the patient during the operation, and administer drugs and blood products to achieve this goal
  • They are supported by highly-trained anaesthetic nurses or operating department assistants


  • They refer the patients for surgery and come into the operating room when further discussion is needed
  • They also attend in the operating theatre towards the end of the operation to perform an echocardiogram which confirms that the operation has been successful and that the heart is working well