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Details of Key Information to include in OP TAVI Referrals

Please include the following information in your outpatient TAVI referral letter:

  • Symptoms - shortness of breath, chest pain, syncope, current exercise tolerance.
  • Significant co-morbidities.
  • Functional states/frailty (include clinical frailty scale)
  • Medications, highlighting any antiplatelets or DOAC/warfarin.
  • Echo parameters - bi or trileaflet aortic valve, Vmax, peak aortic gradient, mean aortic gradient, AVmax to LVOT Vmax, LV function, evidence of significant pulmonary hypertension, other valve issues.
  • If equivocal severe AS by gradients, please also include NTproBNP and CT calcium score of aortic valve.
  • Description of 12 lead ECG - RBBB? LBBB? Other conduction abnormality?
  • Renal function and FBC, plus any other major biochemical abnormality.
  • Result of coronary angiogram/date it is planned for.
  • Result of TAVI CT/date it is planned for.

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