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Transition was positive. They helped me understand my condition.




Travelling can be a great adventure... just make sure diabetes doesn't get in the way. You can get advice before you travel from your team or find out more on the diabetes UK website here.

Top tips:

  • Learn about the country you are visiting, you could learn or write down simple words/phrases in the right language (diabetes, carbohydrate, sugar, hypoglycaemia etc). 
  • Keep your diabetes supplies/equipment with you.
  • Arrange any vaccinations well in advance as these can affect blood glucose levels.
  • Ask your GP for a letter explaining your condition and copy of prescription.
  • Carry snacks/food with you to cover travel delays and hypos on the move.
  • Get a letter from your team or GP to allow for transportation of medical supplies on an aeroplane (in your hand luggage and hold bag).
  • Plan for time differences altering when you give insulin might be easier before you leave UK time.