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Radiology at St Michael's Hospital

What we do

The department offers a comprehensive obstetric and gynaecological ultrasound service. There is also a limited x-ray service for SCBU, gynaecology and ENT, inpatients and outpatients.

Our specialisms

The department at St Michael's Hospital provides a regional referral service for obstetric ultrasound and gynaecological ultrasound.

Further information for patients

Gynaecological ultrasounds - this is an appointment system and requires a referral from your GP or doctor. These are usually booked as a transvaginal (internal) scan which is similar to a smear and a full bladder is not required. If you are unable to have a vaginal scan for any reason, please discuss this when you call to make your appointment. Scans can still be performed during your period. Please call 0117 342 9317 calling between 9-12am and 2-5pm Monday - Friday to arrange the appointment.  You will be askled to leave your name, date of birth and a contact telephone number.  Please speak slowly and clearly.  The referral expires one month from date the doctor saw you so please call promptly.

Obstetric ultrasounds - for the telephone number, please see contact us below.

  • First trimester screening scan  
  • OR
  • Dating scan
  • Early pegnancy clinic scans
  • Detailed anomaly scan at 18-20 (+6 days) weeks
  • Growth scans 

Your examination results

When you have an imaging test it is important that the doctor who requested your tests acts on the results.

For gynaecological examinations reports should be with your GP within 10 working days. If you have not been told your results by your GP, contact the surgery and do not assume there is nothing you need to know or 'no news' means all is well. Your examination will be conducted by a radiographer or a radiologist and a formal report issued to your GP or clinician by a radiologist or radiographer. For hospital referrals the results will be ready for your next hospital clinic visit.

For obstetric examinations the results will be given on the same day, with a report in the notes.

Conditions we treat

The St Michael's Hospital Ultrasound Department provides a diagnostic imaging service.

Treatments offered

  • Ultrasound - uses sound wave to produce image.
  • Plain x-rays (limited service).

Contact us

Main reception: 0117 342 5347

Referral information for clinicians