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Ward 73


Level E, the top floor of the hospital.


Each has 22 beds and accommodate a mixture of pregnant (antenatal) and newly delivered (postnatal) women.

Four bay room

The rooms contain four beds, and we try not to mix postnatal mums with antenatal ladies unless it is extremely busy. We do also have a limited number of single rooms, which are prioritised for ladies who are either very unwell or have a baby on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. However, you can request an amenity single room after you have given birth, which, if available, you will then need to pay for.

There is a dining room on Level E where all meals are taken once the midwife has assessed that you are fit. If you are unable to get to the dining room you will be offered food at your bedside. There is also a beverage kitchen on each ward where you can get a hot drink whenever you wish. Staff can obtain hot food and snacks such as sandwiches and fruit for you, available 24 hours a day between meal times. However food and drink is only provided for patients; there are vending machines on Level C for partners and visitors and a cafe on the ground floor of the hospital.

Your care and treatments

AntenatalIf you are an antenatal inpatient your care will be co-ordinated by the medical team who will review your condition on a daily basis.

Postnatal care on the wards in the main is provided by midwives, nurses and maternity assistants. They will provide you with support with feeding and caring for your baby. You may also receive care from doctors and physiotherapists as required.

Within 72 hours of birth your baby will have a full examination by a neonatologist or appropriately trained midwife either whilst you are in hospital or when you are at home.

If you and your baby are well and have good support you may be able to go home within 6 hours of giving birth, however each mothers needs are assessed by the midwife individually and this will be discussed with you following the birth.

So we can reduce the risk of infection in the hospital, we ask that you use the alcohol gel at entry points to the wards every time you enter the ward.