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Useful links/resources

Useful Links

The British Pain Society has information leaflets that you can download, as well as a list of addresses and links to other websites.

Pain Concern provides information and support for pain sufferers, those who care for them and about them, free factsheets and leaflets to help you manage your pain.

Action on Pain is a growing national charity that provides practical help and support to people living with or affected by chronic pain. The charity is run by a team of people who have direct experience of living and dealing with long-term pain conditions. It is recognised today as the UK's leading pain charity both in terms of the support it gives to individuals plus the campaigning/lobbying that is undertaken to raise the profile of pain

This Pain Toolkit website provides handy tips and skills to support people along the way to managing their pain. provides information for about opioid drugs (such as morphine and codeine), and guidelines for prescribers.


Useful resources


The Pain Survival Guide: How to Reclaim Your Life by Dennis W. Turk, PhD and Frits Winter, PhD. Published by the American Psychological Association, 2007. ISBN 1-59147-049-8

The recommendations in this book are based on research into what works. Workbook exercises, behaviour logs and suggested readings help you include these lessons into your daily life and learn to live well despite pain.

Overcoming Chronic Pain: A Self-Help Guide Using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques by Frances Cole, Helen Macdonald, Catherine Carus and Hazel Howden-Leach. Published by Constable Robinson, 2005, ISBN 1841199702

This book provides a self-help approach to managing pain based on the authors' work with patients at Bradford Hospital.

Manage your Pain by Michael Nicholas, Allan Molloy, Lois Tonkin and Lee Beetson. Published by Souvenir Press Ltd 2003. ISBN 0285636790

This book includes basic exercises to help increase your mobility, and talks about pacing so that you can gain some control over your pain flare-ups.

Explain Pain by DS Butlerand G Lorimer Moseley Noigroup Publications (2003) ISBN 0-9750910-0-X

This book provides information about the physiology of pain and explains why some pain persists. It aims to reduce the fear surrounding pain, so that people can better manage it.


"Living with Chronic Pain" Neil Berry CD can be downloaded (free) or listened to online here. It includes information about strategies to help manage pain plus a guided relaxation exercise.