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Hep C
Find out how the Bristol and Severn Hepatitis C Network can provide testing, treatment and support.
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Alright My Liver

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- Risk factors for liver disease include; type 2 diabetes, obesity, viral hepatitis and alcohol excess. 

- If you feel that any of these risk factos apply to you we would love to see you at one of our screening events.

- Please see the list below for information on upcoming screenings. Contact us to find out more about availability of event.



Other info  

25th March 10:00-14:00  

Abri Homes, BS2 0ET  

Contact if wishing to attend . In St. Phillips Church.

27th March 12:30-16:00  

Nelsons Trust Stroud  

GL5 2QJ  

28th March 14:00-16:00  

Emmanuel Church  

Drop in  

28th March 9:30 - 11:00  

DHI Brunswick Square  

Contact if wishing to attend  

29th March 11:00-16:30  

Barton Hill Settlement  

Caafi Health clinic  

30th March 10:00-15:00  

CGL Cheltenham, GL51 8HE  

Drop in  

31st March 9:00-13:00

Merrywood Practice, Knowle West

Van parked outside of practice. Drop in welcome.

3rd April 10:00-13:00  

Phoenix Centre, Matson Lane, Gloucester.  

Drop in  

3rd April 14:00-17:00  

CGL Gloucester  

Drop in  

4th April 09:00-16:00  

Willow Practice , Downend.

Drop in  

5th April 13:00-16:00  

Homeless Healthcare Hub, Gloucester  

Drop in  

6th April

Montpelier Health Centre

Contact GP for appointments

14th April 9:00 - 16:00  

Horfield Health Centre  

Appointments arranged by GP  

12th April 10:00-15:00  

We Are With You - Weston Super Mare  

 BS23 1PE  Drop in

13th April 12:00-15:00  

CGL Stroud GL5 3JG  

Drop in  

14th April 10:00-16:00

Horfield Practice

Contact prior to turning up.

17th  April  10:00-16:00

East Trees GP Practice  

Appointment only  

18th April 10:00-16:00  

DHI Bath  

Contact prior to dropping in  

20th April 10:00-14:00  

Help Bristol Homeless, Spring Street  

 Contact prior to dropping in  

20th April 14:00-16:00

Wellspring Open Doors Clinic

Drop in

24th  April  10:00-16:00

East Trees GP Practice  

Apt only  

25th April 13:30-15:30  

DHI Warmley, Tower Road North  

Drop in  

26th April time 10:00-14:00  

DHI Midsummer Norton  

Contact prior to dropping in  

27th April 10:00-14:00  

DHI Patchway, Conniston Community Centre  


Drop in  

27th April 17:00-19:00

MAVIS bus parked in Italian Gardens, WsM.

Drop in

28th April 10:00-14:00  

Compass Health Centre, Jamaica Street  


Contact prior to dropping in  

3rd May 10-2

Yeovil Community Church, Yeovil BA20 1QN

9th May

Montpelier Health Centre

Contact GP for appointments

10th  May 10:00-15:00  

We Are With You - Weston Super Mare  

BS23 1PE , drop in

11th May 12:00-16:00  

Park Hostel, Mina Road  

 For residents only.

12th May 11:00-15:00

Barakah Mall, Stapleton Road

Caafi Health clinic, drop in.

15th  May 9:00-16:00  

UHBW staff testing -Whitefriars  building.

UHBW staff only, email for appointment  

18th May 10:00-16:00  

CGL Gloucester  

Drop in  

20th May 10:00-16:00  

Henbury & Brentry  Community Council,BS10 7HG

Caafi Health clinic. Drop in. 

22nd May

Montpelier Health Centre

Contact GP for appointments

22nd May 17:00-19:00

DHI Yate, BS37 7PA

Drop in

23rd May

Cheltenham Open Door

Drop in

24th May

Armada Family Practice

Contact GP for appointments

1st June 10:00-17:00

Southmead & Henbury Family Practice

Contact for appointment

5th June 10am -2pm

Somewhere To Go WSM

Drop In

7th June

Montpelier Health Centre

Contact GP for appointments

9th June

Pembroke Road

For patients of practice

28th June 10-2

Yeovil Community Church

Yeovil BA20 1QN

29th June 10-3

CGL Cheltenham

Drop in



If you'd like to organise a screening event, please get in contact with us.




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