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What happens at UH Bristol?

Thousands of lives are saved every year thanks to tissue and organ donors. Signing up to the NHS Organ Donation Register only takes a few minutes, and could help transform the life of someone waiting for a transplant. Sadly, around three people die every day in need of an organ transplant.   

Organ donors can transform the lives of up to nine people.    

One tissue donor can change the lives of around 30 people.     

Advances in medical science mean that more people each year are able to benefit from donated tissue, including corneas and bone.     

UH Bristol is one of ten official Tissue Donation Alliance sites. This means that all adult deaths are referred to NHS Blood and Transplant   so the  possibility of tissue   donation can be   explored  Referral does not mean automatic tissue retrieval. 

The families of loved ones who pass away   may be contacted by a specialist nurse from NHS Blood and Transplant shortly after the death. If they consent to the person becoming a tissue donor, retrieval will be carried out at Bristol Royal Infirmary.    

It is important that you talk to your family so that they are aware of your wishes.    

More information about tissue and organ donation can be found in this section.       

Further details can be found via  NHS Blood and Transplant.