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THRIVE is the largest study into the benefits of raising good cholesterol to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Engineer Tim Minchin was motivated to jTHRIVE Case studyoin the study because of the various heart conditions he has had all his life.

Tim says that "Because I have been so well treated by the NHS over the years I thought it was time to put a little something back in a practical way. I am also naturally interested in the studies and may benefit from the experience physically as well. I have not been disadvantaged by the study in any way." Tim is pictured with his wife and three children at their favourite holiday destination, St Martin's, The Isle of Scilly.

Paul Hodge is another participant in the THRIVE study. Paul's family has a history of heart problems. As well has having a heart attack himself, his brother also suffered one and had a subsequent heart transplant. He later died from another heart attack and Paul says, "I think had the THRIVE clinic been in operation at this time he may have enjoyed more years than he did. Since having my heart attack I have found the THRIVE team to be most informative and able to answer any of the questions that I have asked without hesitation, and even provided me with further information that has helped me. Anything that can reduce the likelihood of a heart attack or blocked arteries should be supported by everyone. I can only hope that the information the THRIVE clinic gathers helps prevent heart conditions in the future.