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Malcolm, aged 62, was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and entered the "Terrain" trial run at Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre. Malcolm decided to take part because "the trial appeared to be the next best option in the treatment to manage my prostate cancer. Fully discussed with my consultant to get an objective view. Results of the efficacy of the study from America have been very encouraging. Anything to help future research in this disease must be of benefit"

"With my rising PSA [a marker of prostate cancer] I guess I was somewhat fast tracked onto the trial. So much happened over the Christmas/New Year period in terms of blood tests and scans; the BRI Oncology centre is obviously somewhere which doesn't close down for that period! Having a consultant ringing you on Christmas Eve to get things moving does a lot for your confidence in that you are being well looked after and cared about. Once the period was over and I was accepted onto the trial a programme was drawn up for the following 6 months of visits. Everything was explained in terms of what was to be expected and with a few hiccups (which are to be expected with this type of process) everything has gone according to plan. Communication has been good; transport arrangements (through Streamline taxis) made by the trial team have worked well and time spent at the hospital has been kept to a minimum. All these factors help to reduce stress factors. The clinical team looking after me has been great with a well balanced mix of humour, informality, care and professionalism. Being on a randomised double blind trial has a bit of an odd feel about it. However, in my case the "placebo" would have been the drug I would have received anyway."