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Paediatric Cardiac Research

Chloe is 4 years old and was born with Tetralogy of Fallott, a congenital heart defect. She had her first cardiac catheter procedure when she was just days old and her first major operation on her heart when she was 2 months old. Karen Sheehan is a cardiac research sister here at the Trust and approached Chloe's parents Beth and Chris about Chloe being involved in a research study. She said: "We invite anyone who is eligible for a research study to be involved. Usually a research nurse will approach the family and give them information about the current studies that are taking place. There is no pressure on any of the parents to involve their child in a trial but Beth and Chris have been so helpful, now they ask me what studies we've got on and whether Chloe can be a part of them, it's great!  Building relationships with families is key.  It's important that they have a good experience of research whether they take part or not."

Chloe is currently involved in her 6th study, IMPACT which is looking into what affect the complications post cardiac surgery can have on the family at home. Chloe hasn't suffered any complications after her surgery but her data is still so important to research findings. Dad Chris said: "When we were asked to involve Chloe in a research study we just thought, why not. We have continued to participate in the studies because wanted to give something back to the staff that have treated and cared for Chloe. We hope that they can use what they learn and put it towards progressing treatment in the future for other children."

Beth and Chris intend for Chloe to continue her involvement in research for as long as she is returning to hospital, although that is becoming less and less. Mum Beth said: "Looking at Chloe now you wouldn't have any idea what she's been through. She's had multiple major operations on her heart but she has so much energy, she's a whirlwind!

Chloe - paed cardiac research