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Children's interactive website
Visit our interactive website designed for young patients between the ages of 8-12. You'll find lots of information about what happens at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, and some fun activities too.
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National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
The National Deaf Children's Society provides support, information and advice for deaf children, young people and their families.
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The Family Centre (Deaf Children)
The Family Centre (Deaf Children) is a small local charity supporting over 190 families that have a deaf child or deaf parent.
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Children's Hearing Centre

COVID-19 update

During the Covid 19 restrictions we were unable to run our usual clinics. However, as restrictions are lifted slowly we can hold more of our clinics again. We still have to restrict the number of children seen in a clinic to allow time for cleaning in between patients. We are trying our best to see patients - but review appointments may be delayed.

If you need any spares or have a problem with your child's hearing aid (or cochlear implant) please contact us using our email: or by phoning 0117 342 1611 between 8.30am - 5pm, Monday - Friday.

If you and your child are attending an appointment at the centre, please take a look at our  Ben and Betsy go to the Children's Hearing Centre leaflet as things are a bit different from usual.

We will be wearing PPE including a cloth mask (we have clear visors available to help with lipreading if needed). 

There is a security guard at the front entrance to St Michael's Hospital who will give you a mask to wear.  Only one person can accompany a child to an appointment

Please continue to take care and contact us if you have any problems with any of your devices or wish to talk to an audiologist.

The Children's Audiology Team.



About us
Within the Children's Hearing Centre we have a multi-disciplinary team enabling us to assess and treat children of all ages and abilities.
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Hearing aids
The most common types of hearing aid worn by children are behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids. They can be fitted to people of all ages and are suitable for very young babies upwards.
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Types of hearing loss
There are different causes, types and severities of hearing loss. Treatment options can only be determined once the type and cause of the hearing loss is identified.
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Newborn hearing screening
The Avon Newborn Hearing Screening Programme is based at the Children's Hearing Centre, St Michael's Hospital in Bristol.
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Moving on
Transition from paediatric to adult audiology services.
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If your child is referred to our service due to concern about their hearing, then they will be seen for an assessment of their hearing and middle ear function.
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