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Dolphin Ward - E600


Coming into hospital might seem scary but there's no need to worry. 


This page tells you all about our ward so you'll know what to expect when you arrive.


If you can't find the information you're looking for, call Lisa in LIAISE on 0117 342 8065 or ask your parent or carer to call. 

 General information for parents and carers.

Information on paediatric cardiology for parents and carers.

What's the ward like?

Dolphin Ward is on level 6 of the children's hospital which is the blue floor.  It looks after children who need help with their heart, althoughWard 32 Jun 12 sometimes there may be other patients too. 

It has 18 beds for patients and looks after children of all ages.  

We have 10 cubicles which we use to keep patients safe who might have an infection or who could develop one, and the rest of the ward is divided into two bays where you will be able to see and talk to other patients. 

There are shared bathrooms for patients.  The nurses will show you where they are.  A parent or carer will be allowed to stay with you while you are in hospital and there are special facilities for them too. Use the link above to find out more.


Who will look after me?

The team includes nurses and nursing assistants, ward clerks, play leaders, occupational therapists, a dietician, a pharmacist, specialist nurses, physiotherapists, hotel services assistants and of course the doctors too.  You might also meet some students who are training to be doctors or nurses. 

The doctors ward round takes place every morning.  This is when your main doctor will see you. Your parents or carer may want to be with you to talk to them.

During the day there is another doctor on the ward who will organise x-rays and ECHOs as well as taking blood samples if they are needed.

The cardiac nurse specialists will help you and your family understand what is happening about your care.  They are not always on the unit during the day but you can ask the nurses to ask them to come and see you if you have a question.

There is also someone to help you work out how you are feeling about your treatment. She is called a clinical psychologist.


What can I do there?play room ward 32

We have a playroom with lots of toys for all ages. Our play leaders can bring toys to the bed or you may go to the playroom. Your brothers and sisters are welcome in the playroom with you.  If you are feeling well enough you can go to the play centre on level 5.

If you can't get to the playroom we may be able to bring you a TV.  You can watch this until 8 o'clock at night when it's time to get ready to sleep.  You might want to use headphones so that it isn't too noisy for the other patients around you.  You can ask the nurses to find some for you.


Can people come and see me?

Visitors can come to see you between 11 o'clock in the morning and 8 o'clock in the evening, although you will need to have a break at lunchtime to eat. We try to have a quiet time between 1 o'clock and 2 o'clock in the afternoon when it is just you and your family so you can rest.  You can only have two vistors at a time next to your bed.  Other visitors can wait in the parents room or in reception.  Brothers and sisters are allowed to visit but all your other visitors will need to be over 16.  Please make sure that no-one visiting you is unwell with a cough or cold or upset tummy.


Can I visit in advance?

If you're planning your visit to the hospital, you might want to come and see what the ward looks like before the day of your operation.  Your doctor might talk to you about this when you come to clinic, but if not, you can ask your parent or carer to arrange this for you by calling LIAISE on 0117 342 8065.

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