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Your referral to Clinical Genetics

How to be referred

Families or individuals may be referred to the Clinical Genetics service by any health professional (for example a Hospital Consultant, GP or midwife). If you would like to be referred, you should discuss your concerns with your GP or other healthcare professional. If they feel you would benefit from a genetic assessment, or that you meet our referral criteria, they can then refer you to us.

After referral

After we receive a referral for you:

1) You may be contacted by a Genetic Counsellor, in order to obtain a family history (as far back as your grandparents if possible, although we know in some families the history is unclear or unknown), to discuss the condition (if known) and answer any questions you may have regarding the referral. 

2) If you have a family history of cancer, please see our Cancer Genetics page for more information about this referral process.

3) If, after assessment, we feel that a clinic appointment is not necessary we can provide advice by letter to your referring doctor or health care professional

Following on from this, where necessary, an appointment may be made for you to see a Consultant Geneticist or Genetic Counsellor at your nearest clinic or at a specialist clinic in Bristol (if this is more suitable). If a family member has been seen in the genetics clinic previously you may be offered an appointment without us contacting you beforehand for more information.