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Carotid Body in Heart failure

We know that the carotid body, a small gland in the neck is overactive in some people with heart failure but we don't know how active it is in other people with heart failure (those with 'preserved ejection fraction').

We would love patients with any kind of heart failure to get involved in this study, which is sponspored by the British Heart Foundation to help us guide possible future treatments for heart failure. Click here for the information leaflet!


Or for more information contact Dr Katrina Hope on or 01173421513


Sex Differences in Hypertension

Details to come soon!


Carotid Body in Young Onset Hypertension

We think that a small organ in the neck called the carotid body may be overactive in high blood pressure. We wish to understand this better and are looking to recruit young adults (aged 18-39) with and without high blood pressure. The study involves 2 visits consisting of an exercise test called a VO2 peak and some breathing tests at rest and during exercise.

Please contact or 01173421513 if interested.


Minocycline in Chronic Heart Failure (MINOH-HF) - Pilot Study

We are looking for patients with heart failure to take part in a small study looking at the potential role of a drug called Minocycline. This is normally used as a treatment for acne but we think this may have some properties that could be of benefit in heart failure but this has not been previously tested. The study involves 3 visits over a 3 month period whilst taking Minocycline. During the visits there will be some assessments of nerve activity, breathing and an exercise test.

Please contact  or  01173421513 if interested.