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Research facilities at CRIC Bristol

Our research studies are carried out at CRIC Bristol



research room

MSNAWe have a research office, clinical research room and sleep study rooms, allowing us to carry out a range of physiological testing and research into high blood pressure.

We are able to test the body's autonomic nervous system in response to various physiological challenges. We have the facilities and expertise to carry out microneurography, which can give us a unique insight into mechanisms that can drive high blood pressure.

Microneurography involves placing tiny acupuncture-like needles into a nerve that runs along the outside of the knee. 


 We also have new equipment and facilities to test blood pressure and breathing response during exercise, thanks to a grant from the David Telling Trust. This means we can test patients with high blood pressure and heart failure and try to find ways to improve exercise ability and breathlessness.

Katrina Hope Exercise Study