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Nursing team

Nursing teams in the Bristol Heart Institute






Helen Bishop is the head of nursing for the Division of Specialised Services, which includes the Bristol Heart Institute. As head of nursing, Helen is responsible for overseeing the management of all nursing teams and ensuring the highest quality nursing care is provided in the most efficient way.





Hannah Moore is a Matron for Cardiac Surgery. She helps to oversee the cardiac surgery pathway pathway, with a specific focus on C708 (the cardiac surgery ward) the Cardiac surgery Advanced Nurse Practitioners team and the Adult Congenital Heart Disease CNS team.





Clare Parker is a Matron for the Cardiology. Covering  wards C705 AND C805, Outpatients and the Heart Failure CNS Team.






Jaqueline Fear oversees the cardiac cath labs and the Coronary Care unit. Her role as Matron is to lead by example ensuring that the patients receive the highest quality patient experience in the Bristol Heart Institute. She ensures that patients are cared for by highly trained, experienced staff, that privacy and dignity are respected, infection control protocols adhered to, the wards are clean and that patients, carers and staff are all safe and well cared for.

Sarah Carson Angela Jackson is the Matron for the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU), the Structural Heart Valve team and the Surgical        Care Practitioners.
Rachel Bohin (cardiology catheter laboratories and day case) Gemma Jones (C705),, Tom Rawlings (C603/CCU), Sue Gibert (cardiac intensive care unit C604), Sue Monahan (Ward C805), Liz Leech (Ward C708) and Nicky Lukaszewicz (C503 outpatients) are the ward/unit sisters who lead the teams of nurses in their clinical areas.


Clinical nurse specialists

HEART team (acute coronary syndrome and cardiac rehabilitation)

Acute coronary syndrome team

Daniel Thomas

Jess Mora

Clare Parker

Alice Ibbotson

Heart failure

heart failure team

Hannah Lightfoot

Bev Pearson


Arrythmia nurses

Rachael Mariott

Pedro Marques

The arrhythmia nurses work with patients who have arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms) or who are at risk of having arrhythmias. We are based in the Bristol Heart  Institute and work Mondays to Fridays, excluding bank holidays. We work closely with the electrophysiology team of Consultants, physiologists and nursing staff  in order to provide expert advice and information to patients on their condition, the management of that condition and the options for treatment.  We run a number of nurse-led diagnostic and follow-up clinics and regular pre-operative assessment clinics for those undergoing procedures. In addition, we run a busy telephone advice and support telephone line for current patients.

Arrhythmias Hotline for current patients - this is not an emergency helpline: 0117 3426635 or email


Arrhythmia Outreach Nurses 

arrythmia outreach nurses

Anna Sice

Clare Parker

The Arrhythmia Outreach Service provides early clinical assessment for patients admitted to the BRI through the Emergency Department, Acute Medical Unit, GP Support Unit and Older Peoples' Assessment Unit who have, or are at risk of, arrhythmias. We work very closely with our multidisciplinary team colleagues and as a result patients have streamlined access to the arrhythmia services within the BHI. If admission to hospital is necessary, we aim to ensure patients are cared for in the most appropriate clinical setting.

We offer specialist advice and support, provide early follow-up in our outpatient clinics and refer for further investigations and treatment if required. 

Adult congenital

GUCH team

Sheena Vernon

Marta Cunha

Pre-op assesment outpatients

Before invasive testing or investigations you will be expected to attend for pre-operative assessment. At this time you will undergo routine observations, blood tests and other simple investigations. Our pre-operative nurses will explain your planned procedure and answer any questions you may have.