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Meet the team

Clinical Oncologists

The Doctor who is responsible for your radiotherapy treatment is called a Clinical Oncologist. You will meet them or a member of their team at clinic to discuss your radiotherapy treatment. They will look at your scans and test results and decided on exactly where and how you have your radiotherapy treatment.  Once you have completed your course of radiotherapy, they will then see you at regular intervals in follow up clinics.

Therapy Radiographers and Assistant Practitioners

The Radiographers and Assistant Practitioners are involved in the planning and managing the radiotherapy treatment. You will see a team of radiographers and assistant practitioners during your course of treatment who will provide technical expertise ensuring accurate radiotherapy treatment.  They can also give you help and support about any aspect of your treatment, and you can discuss any of your concerns or anxieties with them.

Information on our consultants can be found here.

Review Radiographers

If you are having a course of radiotherapy, you may see a Review Radiographer throughout your treatment. At these appointments you will have an opportunity to discuss how you are feeling, how to manage any side effects and any other issues that you might have. You may also be referred to other health care professionals that can give you more specific advice.  If you feel unwell or need to speak to someone, not on your review day, please speak to one of the radiographers giving you your treatment.

Medical Physicists and Clinical Technologists

We have a large team of Medical Physicists and Clinical Technologists who work with the Consultant to plan the best way of giving the treatment using the latest advanced techniques where appropriate. The physicists are also responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the treatment machines and commissioning new equipment and techniques.

Nursing team

The nursing team within the radiotherapy department carry out routine blood tests, dressings, skin care and can also advise you on caring for yourself whilst having radiotherapy treatment.

Administration and Clerical Team

The A&C team work on reception and also in the radiotherapy bookings office. They will book your appointments, gather all relevant medical records and advise you how to get to your appointments, as well as greet you at the reception desk when you arrive for treatment.

Mould Room Technicians

If you are having radiotherapy to your head and neck region or a limb you may need to have treatment mould made. The mould room technicians will talk you through this process and will then make your mould which will be used for all subsequent radiotherapy appointments.


All the radiotherapy equipment is looked after and serviced by our team of onsite medical engineers.

Other healthcare professionals (Dietitians, Speech Therapists, Psychologists)

The radiotherapy department works closely with other healthcare professionals and depending on your treatment you may see; a dietician, speech therapist, psychologist or physiotherapist for further advice and support.