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The radiotherapy department at Bristol Oncology Centre is situated on D201 (this is Level 2) of the Bristol Cancer Institute. We have 5 Linear Accelerators and 2 CT scanners, providing the latest state-of-the-art technology to deliver your radiotherapy treatment. We also have a HDR Brachytherapy unit, Molecular Radiotherapy and a Gamma Knife Centre. Every year the department sees around 2500 people, and as a specialist centre for the South West we provide treatments for patients from around the area. The department is able to provide appointments from 8am - 6pm

Radiotherapy is used to treat a number of different cancer diagnoses. We can also provide specialist Brachytherapy and Isotope treatment for certain other diagnosis and are one of only six centres providing Gamma Knife Treatment. Our team of Consultants, radiographers and medical physicists use the latest advanced planning systems and treatment techniques to provide technically advanced, precision treatments. The department also works closely with dieticians, speech therapists and psychologists offering supportive care throughout your treatment. 

On your first visit you should report to the Radiotherapy Reception on Level 2. You can bring a friend or relative with you when you attend for your appointments and some people find it helps to have someone else present when receiving instructions and explanations.

The following pages provide more information on the department, the staff you may see when you visit and the treatment techniques available at the centre. We have also tried to answer some questions you may have with our FAQ page and provide some links to useful websites which provide specialist information. If you have any other questions please speak to one of the team at any time during your treatment.

Bristol Oncology Centre also has an Information and Support Centre situated on Level 4 and can provide further support for any issues concerning you.

Radiotherapy Open Evenings

We also provide Radiotherapy Open Evenings on the first Wednesday of every month. Here, you and your relatives have the opportunity to visit the department before you start your treatment.

"I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the team at Radiotherapy following my treatment for cancer.  My thanks go to all the staff for your care and skills. To the radiographers, nurses, oncologists, physicists, administrative and support staff. You have all combined to make an emotional and frightening experience much more bearable. My lasting impression will be of the great kindness shown to me and it is comforting to know that the NHS is in such good hands. Long may it continue!"

(Patient Testimony, 2017)