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The radiotherapy unit is based at location D201 (level 2). On your first day, report to the reception on Lower Ground 2. You can bring a friend or relative with you if you wish. Some people find it helps to have someone else present when receiving instructions and explanations. (Unfortunately, if you come on hospital transport we cannot book a space on the ambulance for an escort unless for medical reasons).

Radiotherapy open evenings

The radiotherapy open evening are held at 6.30pm on the first Wednesday of every month. For more information or to book please contact Jancis Kinsman, (0117) 342 2464 or email

More information about radiotherapy

If you have questions about the nature of your illness or treatment, please do not hesitate to discuss them with the doctors or radiographers.

Download our patient information leaflet about radiotherapy. Many more leaflets are available for the different types of cancers and treatments, so please do ask if you would like more information.

You can also watch videos on radiotherapy for adults, and our award-winning animated film "One of a Kind", explaining radiotherapy for children.

Leaflets are available in other languages.

Use of CCTV in radiotherapy

Radiotherapy treatment units and the CT and MRI scanners use close-circuit television so that radiographers can ensure patient safety during the delivery of their treatment or scan. This is the only way of watching that a patient is still and not experiencing any distress.