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What is a Multi Disciplinary Team?

MDT clinic

Toni-Marie Harvy MDT Coordinator

What is a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT)?

The MDT meet every Friday to asses each individual case

Once you have had a diagnosis of cancer your case is discussed by a team of specialists called a Multidisciplinary Team. This is to ensure the very best care and treatment is recommended for you. The team look at the tumour under the microscope, at your CT and US Scans and at the tumour markers. When you are first diagnosed this process is called staging. Once the stage of testicular cancer is assessed, the team decides the best care, follow-up and treatment for you.

Testicular cancer is rare and as such the national guidelines believe that men fair better if their case is discussed by a specialist team. University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust provides the specialist team for the South West of England (see map) and the MDT meeting is held every Friday at 8.30am.

All members of the team have something to say.

Who are the team? 

Dr Jeremy Braybrooke (Lead Consultant Medical Oncologist)

Jeremy joined the Bristol Haematology and Oncology centre from Oxford in 2001. He has been an active member of the NCRI Clinical Studies Group for Testis and has supported the introduction of the Testicular Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist in Bristol. When he is not throwing himself off buildings for charity he is very supportive of "It's in the bag" and welcomes innovations to improve the service.

Dr Lara Gibbs (Consultant Medial Oncologist)

Liz Allison (Germ Cell Clinical Nurse Specialist)

Liz joined the team in November 2014 and has had an interest in Germ Cell Cancer for sometime. She has a wealth of experience and only recently was the Research Nurse for Testicular Cancer. She is our representative for care for patients who are Teenagers and Young adults. 

Toni-Marie Harvey (MDT coordinator) 

Toni-Marie coordinates the MDT meeting, where each new patient diagnosed with testicular cancer and those who are having treatment or attending active surveillance are discussed. Her job is make sure scans and slides are available to ensure timely decisions for your care.

Mr. Tim Whittlestone (Specialist Urology Surgeon)

Tim is the specialist surgeon for the service. He performs the operation called Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection (RPLND) (removal of the lymph nodes in the abdomen) and any other specialist urology operations. He is an active member of the Urology Network Site Specific Group.

Mr Salah Albuheissi

Salah is the second specialist surgeon for the service and he also performs RPLNDs, but also specialises in laprascopic procedures (key hole operations).

Dr Mohamid Sohail 

Sohail look at the tumour under the microscope and tell the team the type of tumour, whether it has spread to the blood vessels and whether all of the tumour has been removed.

Dr Julian Kabala and Dr Lynne Armstrong (Consultant Radiologists)

Julian look at CT, Ultrasound and MRI Scans to allow the team to make the best possible decisions regarding your treatment and follow-up. Julian specialises in PET Scans.

Dr Amit Bahl (Consultant Clinical Oncologist)

Amit is the oncologist who is responsible for Radiotherapy, which is therapy using radioactive rays to specific areas of the body. Amit is the Vice Chair of the Urology Network Site Specific Group.

Specialist registrars

As a teaching hospital we will have specialist registrars working in the testicular cancer clinic and on the wards. They are senior doctors who are training to specialise in oncology.