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If the CT scan does not show any spread of the cancer in other organs and the tumour markers are normal, the doctor could recommend a choice of treatment or follow up as follows:

  • To attend a schedule of active surveillance. This is very regular follow up to see if the cancer has come back, which includes blood tests, chest X-Rays and CT Scans. Seminoma Active Surveillance.
  • To have one dose of chemotherapy - Carboplatin. If you choose to have Carboplatin you will need to have a special kidney test. Seminoma Chemotherapy.

If the CT Scan shows the cancer has spread to other organs the doctor may recommend the following:

  • To have one dose of chemotherapy - Carboplatin and then four weeks later have three to four weeks of radiotherapy. You will need to have a special kidney test before the chemotherapy which will take four to five hours. Seminoma Chemotherapy.
  • To have more intense chemotherapy called BEP or EP
  • BEP is given as an inpatient for day one, two and three staying in hospital two nights, for three days, but sometimes five days depending on how many cycles you need. On day 9 and 16 having a shorter treatment in chemotherapy day unit which takes around one to two hours. This is a cycle, you may have three or four cycles.
  • EP is given as an inpatient for day one, two and three staying in hospital two nights, for three days, but sometimes five days depending on how many cycles you need. This is a cycle you will have four cycles.

After the chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy we arrange a CT scan to see if the tumour has gone. Sometimes the scan shows there is something still there, which is likely to be dead tumour. With this type of tumour sometimes we recommend a PET scan, this shows if there are any areas which are active or may still be growing. If you have had chemotherapy alone and the PET scan shows there are areas which are active, we would consider removing the area/s with an operation or recommending a course of radiotherapy.

After Treatment

Once your treatment has been completed there is a programme of surveillance. This is a little more intensive in the first 2-3 years and if your disease and treatment was uncomplicated we would look to discharge you 5 years after the end of treatment.

Free Prescriptions

All patients who have had a diagnosis of cancer are entitled to FREE prescriptions for five years, ask your key worker for details.

It's in the Bag Travel Grant and Macmillan Grants

We also have travel grants for those who are only receiving Statutory Sick Pay/Employment & Support Allowance, with no savings who live more than 10 miles from the BHOC. For those who are struggling financially through treatment Macmillan provide grants to help, ask your key worker details.

Please ask your specialist nurse to refer you for grants and financial help.