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Meet the team

gynae oncology rs winners

Women's Cancer Multidisciplinary Team (MDT)

This is a specialist team of doctors and nurses dedicated to treating women with gynaecological cancers.

Surgery - operations

Amit Patel

Mr Amit Patel, lead consultant gynae-oncology surgeon

Tel: 0117 342 5810

Jo Bailey

Ms Jo Bailey, consultant gynae-oncology surgeon

Tel: 0117 342 5810

Colin Bevan

Mr Colin Bevan, consultant gynaecological surgeon (Weston General Hospital & St Michael's Hospital Bristol)

Tel: 0117 342 5813


Ms Claire Newton, consultant gynae-oncology surgeon

Tel: 0117 342 5810

Ms Sarah Platt, consultant gynae-oncology surgeon

Tel: 0117 342 5810

Dr Gemma Cass, sub speciality registrar 

Oncology - chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Hoda Booz

Dr Hoda Al Booz, consultant clinical oncologist

Tel: 0117 342 3008

 Dr Booz specialises in chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment for gynaecological (cervical, uterine and ovarian) cancers and for cancers of the head and neck. She has expertise and special interest in using specialised radiotherapy techniques like Brachytherapy and IMRT. She is also the course organiser for the annual Bristol Gynae-oncology course.

Axel Walther

Dr Axel Walther, consultant medical oncologist

Tel: 0117 342 2412

Dr Axel Walther specialises in the use of chemotherapy to treat cancer patients, in particular patients with ovarian cancer. In addition, he has a keen research interest and is the research lead for the Bristol Haematology & Oncology Centre and an honorary senior lecturer at the University of Bristol.


Dr Kristelle Von Brockdorff, consultant clinical oncologist

Radiology - scans and x-rays

John Hughes Dr John Hughes, consultant radiologist

Pathology - cancer tissue diagnosis

Joya Pawade Dr Joya Pawade, consultant pathologist

Clinical nurse specialist team (CNS)

Our role is to be your keyworker by providing support and information for both you and your family throughout your treatement and follow-up care.


Katy Horton-Fawkes, lead gynae-oncology nurse specialist
Tel: 0117 342 5177


Donna Beckett, Gynae-oncology nurse specialist
Tel: 0117 342 5177


Juliet Duffy, Gynae-oncology nurse specialist

Tel: 0117 342 7789



Jayne Alexander, Gynae-oncology nurse specialist
Tel: 0117 342 5177


Catherine Chin

Catherine Chin, Gynae-oncology nurse specialist

Tel: 0117 342 5177



Sophie Porter, Gynae-onocology nurse specialist

Tel: 0117 342 5177


Nicola Foster

Nicola Foster, admin support to clinical nurse specialist team 

Tel: 0117 342 5177


My name is Nicola Foster, I work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. My role is to provide administration support to the specialist nursing team and ensure the smooth running the service.


We are able to help you with: 

- managing the symptoms and treatments associated with cancer
- concerns and questions about sexuality and body changes
- adjusting to the diagnosis of cancer and the spread of cancer
- support for family and friends that care for you
- communicating with services away from the hospital, for example GPs, district nurses, hospice care, etc.


Psychological support

Samantha Cole

Dr Samantha Cole, clinical psychologist

Our clinical psychologist aims to help women and those close to them to adapt to the impact of gynaecological cancers. It is perfectly normal to experience stress, worry, frustration and sadness in coping with a diagnosis of cancer. Sometimes, having someone to talk to for some extra emotional support or advice who is not a family member and who understand the context of gynaecological cancer can help.

MDT Co-ordinator

Hannah King, MDT co-ordinator 

Medical secretaries 

Marian Stephenson

Marian Stephenson, medical secretary

Tel: 0117 34 25791

Carol Stone

Carol Stone, medical secretary

Tel: 0117 34 25810


Macmillan Cancer Support Workers

Cancer Support Works Team Photo

Tel: 0117 342 1526


We are part of the Macmillan Cancer Rehabilitation and Support team.  We work with the nurse specialists and our colleagues in the community to improve the information and support that we can offer to people living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis.  If you would like to access a support worker please speak to you nurse specialist.