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Robs chemotherapy

Rob's story: Chemothearpy BEP

Rob's story: chemotherapy BEP

Friday 13th, unlucky for some!

This was the day it was confirmed to me that I needed nine weeks of chemotherapy. It was also the day I realised it was something serious, as I wasn't put on a waiting list or anything like that, I was told to be in hospital first thing on Monday morning to start the treatment! As it turned out I could have had a 'lie in' as I didn't actually get 'hooked up' until about 4pm (apparently this is unusual, 1pm/2pm is what the nurse told me was normal). Waiting was a little on the weird side just lying around, but at the same time better than being sat in a stuffy office. I think from memory I managed to bag 2 hour's kip!

Once you get hooked up it's a bit of a weird feeling having something flowing into your hand but you soon get used to it! The most annoying bit is the fact because they didn't get me plugged in until late in the afternoon it meant that I was unlikely to get a good nights sleep as I was due to be plugged in for about 11 hours! As it turned out I was never going to get a good nights sleep because they are pumping so much liquid into you need to make constant trips the toilet and that is a right chore especially as you have to drag the machine with you - and after 30 seconds it used to beep like mad because it'd been unplugged from the mains.

I'd heard stories that I was going to be chucking up left, right and centre due to the chemotherapy - but in all honesty during the whole nine weeks I was sick once and that I believe was due to a dodgy curry I made rather than the treatment. The staff were great but the hospital food made me feel sick and I used to get out for lunch when possible or get mate to bring a baguette in.

I suppose, in summary, get yourself ready to do a lot of lying around waiting...

Looking back at the treatment I can honestly say it wasn't a bad experience, the people who worked on the ward did all they could to make me feel comfortable.