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Governor role

The role of the Council of Governors

Because we are a Foundation Trust, we have a Council of Governors.  Governors play a key role at University Hospitals Bristol in helping to guide the development of services, holding the Non-executive Directors to account, and representing the views of members.  Most governors are elected from the Foundation Trust membership. These elected governors reflect the interests of the community and represent their members when key decisions are taken at the Trust. There are 27 elected public, patient and staff governors on the UH Bristol Council of Governors. There are also eight Appointed Governors, who sit on the Council of Governors to represent the interest of stakeholder organisations.Interested in becoming a governor? We are holding elections to the Council of Governors in March-May 2019 - find out  more here.

Aishah Farooq













Message from Aishah Farooq, Public Governor, February 2019

"Hello, my name is Aishah Farooq and I've been a governor at UH Bristol since 2018. I am one of two appointed governors from the Trust's Youth Involvement Group, which is a group of young people who meet regularly to discuss how hospital services are run from a younger person's perspective. I've always been interested in patient care and medicine and so this was the perfect opportunity to see how thousands of patients are cared for at UH Bristol. My experience in this role so far has taught me invaluable amounts about the long-term plans of the trust and has helped me appreciate how much work and effort is required to run a successful trust like this one.

As a governor I recently attended an Equalities and Diversity workshop for Trust staff which was a very insightful experience and showed me the many strategies that could be implemented to make the Trust a more varied workplace. At the event there were many other members of staff from clinical to non-clinical including the WRES team (Workforce Race Equality Standard) who also helped signpost some brilliant ideas towards making the Trust more equal. 

As part of the Youth Involvement Group we recently attended an evening at the Bristol Medical Simulation Centre, in the Education and Research Centre. This was a fantastic experience where we were taught how to 'scrub up', intubate and practice the ABC pathway by using a defibrillator. Recently, I was also given the opportunity to help out at a careers event for foundation year doctors. This was a fantastic day where I was able to talk to the medics and share my experiences of being in the governor role and as a patient using the services to help them understand what would make a 'good paediatrician' from a younger person's perspective. It was useful to see the different and rigorous training pathways to becoming a paediatrician and to see how enthusiastic the foundation year doctors were.

Over the past six months of being a young governor I've had the opportunity to participate in Council of Governors and focus group meetings in which I've been able to understand and discuss current issues and topics that are related to the trust. Being a governor is a great opportunity and I look forward to future events to participate in. We're holding governor elections this year, so if you think you might like to join us on the Council of Governors, please get in touch with the Membership Team.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!"