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Governor role

The role of the Council of Governors

Because we are a Foundation Trust, we have a Council of Governors.  Governors play a key role at University Hospitals Bristol in helping to guide the development of services, holding the Non-executive Directors to account, and representing the views of members.  Most governors are elected from the Foundation Trust membership. These elected governors reflect the interests of the community and represent their members when key decisions are taken at the Trust. There are 27 elected public, patient and staff governors on the UH Bristol Council of Governors. There are also eight Appointed Governors, who sit on the Council of Governors to represent the interest of stakeholder organisations.

Ray Phipps

Message from Ray Phipps, Patient Governor - Feb 2018:

I have now served as a governor for nearly three years representing our membership and patients in our Council of Governors. Having come from a non-medical background of engineering, technical and commercial development, two things have become clear. First, many of the skills and experience developed during my career are relevant to our work as governors. Secondly, as a Council, many of our governors have experience of care provided by UH Bristol and this can be said to be largely true for all the members we represent.

We hold regular Council of Governors Meetings at which governors and Board members discuss matters of joint interest. At the most recent meeting on 31 January there was a full agenda, though the main topic of conversation was the decision by the UH Bristol Board and the Board of Weston Area Health Trust to approve the strategic outline case for a merger. While there was a general consensus of support for the proposed merger, governors were keen to ensure that key financial conditions were met before moving too far ahead. As governors, we will be keeping a close eye on this issue as it develops.

As a member of the Council it is a privilege to be involved in the work of our trust and the wonderful care we provide in these challenging times. If you are interested in finding out more about the work of the Council you are welcome to come along to a future meeting or talk to me or one of my fellow governors at one of our Health Matters events.

You can also reach governors through the Trust Membership team (Kate and Sarah) on 0117 342 3764 or email