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Governor role

The role of the Council of Governors

Because we are a Foundation Trust, we have a Council of Governors.  Governors play a key role at University Hospitals Bristol in helping to guide the development of services, holding the Non-executive Directors to account, and representing the views of members.  Most governors are elected from the Foundation Trust membership. These elected governors reflect the interests of the community and represent their members when key decisions are taken at the Trust. There are 29 governors in total on the UH Bristol Council of Governors: 17 public governors, 6 staff governors and 6 appointed governors.

Mo Phillips









Message from Mo Phillips, Public Governor, May 2019

"Hi, I'm Mo Philips and I'm currently lead governor here at UH Bristol. It's been a busy few months for us, with governors sharing their views on the Trust's new five-year strategy, taking part in focus groups and providing input to ensure that your views as members of the public are reflected in the forward plans. We've also given detailed feedback on the Trust's annual Quality Report as well as its diversity and inclusion strategy, where it is clear we are not yet where we should be. On a very different note some governors were lucky enough to visit the helideck on the roof of the hospital and received a very informative talk from the helideck supervisors who work in all weathers to ensure safe landings for the helicopters. 

One of our statutory duties as governors is to approve the appointment of the Trust's Non-executive Directors. We have recently been involved in the interview process for two new Non-executive Directors and it was heartening to hear the candidates' views of why they wanted to join us. Comments such as "it's an outstanding Trust"; "such a great reputation", and "one of the best", were made. Some had visited the Trust and specifically commented on how lovely and committed the staff all seemed. So we must be doing something right?

This month sees the election of potential new governors and we will have some new faces round the table in June. This year there has been considerable interest from staff in joining the Council of Governors, which is good to see - the experience and input of staff governors on the governing body is enormously helpful.

And finally our next Health Matters event takes place on Wednesday 22 May where we will be considering the very difficult issue of pain management. That's something that all of us can  connect with I'm sure, so please do come along - I hope to see you there."