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Penguin Ward - E602

About Us

Penguin Ward is a general surgical ward at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. As the hospital is a regional referral centre for the southwest we see a mixture of patients. We care for children and their families with conditions including: emergency surgery, orthopaedic, gastro-intestinal, urology, ENT, plastics and thoracic surgery. We have close links with SCBU at St Michael's Hospital caring for long-term babies with various conditions.

We have 22 beds made up of 4 bays and 4 cubicles; we usually care for children aged 0 to 10 but can see patients as old as 16.


Ward philosophy

We believe that the child is of central importance and should be cared for within the context of the family. We encourage family to be involved in the child's care as far as they are able, and keep them fully informed at all times. Staff on the ward are encouraged to keep themselves updated and develop their professional practice from research-based knowledge. They are actively encouraged to participate in the development and future of the ward.


We have a playroom located just off the ward that we share with Dolphin ward. The main hospital activity centre can be found on level 5. We recognise that play is an important part of a child's life and ensure it takes place in hospital; play specialists will work at children's bedside if they are too unwell to get up.

Parent and Patient Facilities

We have parent's toilet on the ward. Just off the ward is a parent's room where they can go to eat, watch tv, keep their food and have some time away from ward; this is a shared space with Dolphin ward. There are toilets situated near the stairs on every level and a shower room just outside the ward.  There is a cafe on level 2 of the children's hospital, and shops and cafes inside the main entrance of the Bristol Royal Infirmary. 


Telephone: 0117 342 8331