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Meadow Ward - E519

About Us

Meadow Ward is the paediatric day case surgical ward predominantly caring for children aged 0-18 years. We have a bright, colourful ward located on level 5 of the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and have 18 beds/cots. The majority of our patients are only with us for the day, and we cover specialities such as ENT, Orthopaedics, Urology, Gastroenterology and general surgery. 


Ward Philosophy

Our philosophy of care reflects our commitment to the family centred care of the child. Care is provided in partnership with the child and his/her carers acknowledging the fact that each child is an individual. We aim to prepare the child for admission ensuring they are able to make informed decisions about their care.

Parent and Patient Facilities

Due to the short stay nature of the ward we do not have a parent kitchen. There is a coffee shop on level 2 in the main reception where you can purchase hot drinks and snacks (though we do not allow hot drinks on the ward) and there is a vending machine on the corridor outside the ward. We have a small kitchen where we can prepare food for our patients like cereals, toast, soup and sandwiches. 

Play Facilities

On Ward 36 we have a wait and play area with a range of activities suitable for all ages. We have a number of DVD players and daily activities organised by the play specialists. In the play room there is a TV, tablefootball, books and magazines. The children's hospitals main activity zone is on Level 5 which all patients can access if well enough.

Day in the Life

Ruby is one of our regular patients on Meadow Ward, she told us how a regular visit goes.

I wake up quite early and get into the car with mum and grandad and he drives us to the hospital; he drops me and my mum off and we come up to Meadow Ward. We get a nurse for the day and she lets me know which bed I'll be staying in, the nurse is always lovely! I get visited by the play specialist before surgery and we have a game of snakes and ladders. I bring my iPad with me so I can listen to music while I wait.

The nurse comes along to measure my weight and height, it's always a surprise for them because I grow between visits! They talk me through how I'd like to go to sleep for my operation and then I get taken down to the theatre for a nice long nap! I come back from theatre and wake up to stickers and ice cream.

I have to wait for at least a few hours after surgery to make sure I'm going home but I always have plenty to do. A lot of the time I'll make friends with some of the other children who are visiting for the day. The clinic coordinator is always really helpful when she books my visits - I think everyone does an amazing job on Meadow Ward!

A Little Deep Sleep


Contact us

0117 342 7030 or 0117 342 6145