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Professor David Wynick


Professor David Wynick

Current Post:  

Honorary Consultant Physician in Diabetes and Endocrinology at UH Bristol since 1995 and Professor of Molecular Medicine at University of Bristol


Diabetic Neuropathy and Endocrinology

Medical qualifications:  

BSc (Hon), MBBS, MD, PhD, FRCP


Date of registration:  

GMC full registration 1984

Membership of professional bodies:  

Fellow Royal College of Physicians

Physiology Society

Society for Neuroscience






Special clinical interests:  

Neuropathic pain



Professional profile/background:  

My research focuses on the basic-science of chronic neuropathic pain and translation of these finding into pre-clinical drug development programmes. Clinically I founded and run the regional specialist painful diabetic neuropathy clinic at the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

In addition to my pain work I am the Director of Research for both of the acute NHS Trusts in Bristol. 



Web links to any published articles: .
Manuscripts and textbook chapters (Excluding abstracts) since 2005 

Hulse RP, Donaldson LF, Wynick D (2012) Differential roles of galanin on mechanical and cooling responses at the primary afferent nociceptor.Mol. Pain8:41

Hulse R, Wynick D, Donaldson LF (2011) Activation of the galanin receptor 2 in the periphery reverses nerve injury-induced allodynia.Mol. Pain7:26

Hulse R, Wynick D, Donaldson LF (2010) Intact cutaneous C fibre afferent properties in mechanical and cold neuropathic allodynia.European Journal of Pain14:1-10

Holmes, F. E., Arnott, N., Vanderplank, P., Kerr, N. C., Longbrake, E. E., Popovich, P. G., Imai, T., Combadiere, C., Murphy, P. M., and Wynick, D. (2008) Intra-neural administration of fractalkine attenuates neuropathic pain-related behaviour.Journal of Neurochemistry.106, 640-649.

Holmes, F. E., Bacon, A., Pope, R. J., Vanderplank, P. A., Kerr, N. C., Sukumaran, M., Pachnis, V., and Wynick, D. (2003) Overexpression of galanin in the dorsal root ganglia modulates pain-related behaviour. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 100(10), 6180-6185.