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Christmas 2021

Christmas 2021 was like 2020, as we were still unable to have any external visitors again. But there was still be lots of onsite activities and lots of engaging virtual entertainment, activities, messages and content on YouTube and social media which could be accessed by patients, families and staff both inside the hospital and at home. This was delivered in partnership with The Grand Appeal's Arts Unleashed Programme.

Our Christmas video playlist can be accessed on the our YouTube channel here!

More information about Christmas 2021 can be found below: 

Amazon Wishlists and donations

  • For gifts for wards and patients, click here for the hospital Amazon wishlist. This can be shared with families and friends and is coordinated by the play team and The Grand Appeal.
  • All other donations should be organised with The Grand Appeal team, please email:

Christmas day

  • Patients will have gifts delivered to them on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
  • Each ward have a designated 'Christmas Elf' who will be helping everyone on the ward to have a special day.

Visiting over Christmas

At this time our visiting restrictions will remain as they are all. All details and updates will be available on our webpages here.


If you want to know more about any of our Christmas activities, you can:
Visit our Facebook page
Speak to the play person on your ward.
Contact the LIAISE team on 0117 342 8065 or via

Friends For Parents' volunteers Christmas Quiz!

Can you work out the names of these Christmas Carols/Songs from the clues?

1) Nocturnal noiselessness

2) Far off in a trough

3) Red man en-route to Cheltenham

4) Give attention to the melodious celestial beings

5) The dozen festive 24 hour intervals

These are on the Christmas menu - can you work out what they are from the clues? 

6) Country that has a border with the Black Sea

7) Sounds like After 8 James Bond

8) Found in a cushion

9) European city growing things

10) Loaf cheek

11) A doggy complaint

12 Citrus help

13) Warm swine

14) 25th and 26th December

15) A little bit

How's your maths? Can you work out the answers?

16) Maids a-milking X Cinderella's magical hour =

17) Ships come sailing by X Days of Christmas =

18) Boxing Day - Christmas Eve =

19) Ali Baba's thieves X Ugly sisters =

20) 1st class stamp - 2nd class stamp =

To finish - some riddles to think about!

21) What do you call an old snowman?

22) What's white and goes up?

23) What goes oh-oh-oh?


1) Silent Night. 2) Away in a Manger. 3) Santa Claus is coming to town. 4) Hark the Herald Angels Sing. 5) The 12 Days of Christmas.

6) Turkey. 7) Mincepie. 8) Stuffing. 9) Brussels Sprouts. 10) Bread Sauce. 11) Wine. 12) Lemonade or orangeade. 13) Pigs in blankets. 14) Dates. 15) Trifle

16) 8 x 12=96. 17) 3 x 12=96. 18) 26 - 24=2. 19) 40 x 2=80. 20) 85 - 66=19

21)Water. 22) A confused snowflake. 23) Santa going backwards.