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Christmas Quiz

Christmas Quiz 

Have a go at the Christmas Quiz kindly written by our Friends for Parents Team

1) Can you work out the names of these Christmas carols/songs from the clues?

- Ringing joyfully at the top (Ding, Dong Merrily on High)
- Strolling in a Yorkshire river (Walking in the Air) 
- Tiny Jack (Little Donkey)
- I really, really, really hope there will be frozen precipitation (Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow)
- Are people aware of the theme of this quiz (Do they know its Christmas?)

2) Will these sweets or chocolates be on your Christmas list?

- Clever clogs (Smarties)
- Wobbly infants (Jelly Babies)
- They pick on little Malcolm (Malteasers)
- Edible Fasteners (Chocolate buttons)
- There's nothing like it (Daim)
- Give us a spin (Twirl)
- Could be climbing or tea (Roses)
- Like toast or Autumn leaves (Crunchie)
- Northern dairy product (Butterscotch)
- 9, 10, 11, 12 (After 8)

3) How's your maths? Can you do these sums?

- Lords-a-leaping + maids-a-milking (10 x 8 = 80)
- Ali Baba's thieves x the ugly sisters (40 x 2 = 80)
- 1st class stamp - 2nd class stamp (95 - 68 = 27)

4) Can you solve these Christmas Dingbats?

- Pre   sents (Opening the presents)
- A3tortillaA4 (Wrappin' paper)
- Harold Edward Charles (Three kings)
- Hello Spring, hi summer, howdy autumn, yo winter (Seasons' Greetings)

5) You may find the answer to these two riddles in your Christmas crackers

- What do you sing at a snowmans birthday party? (Freeze a jolly good fellow)
- What did one snowman say to the other snowman? (Can you smell carrots?)

Friends for parents wish you all a very happy Christmas!