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Whilst 2020 was a very a different year, we were still able to have a Merry Christmas whilst keeping everyone as safe as possible.

One of the differences is that we were unable to have external visitors in 2020 but our fabulous play team still provided lots of onsite activities and we  also had lots of virtual entertainment, messages and activities. 

Virtual activity

Content created by our staff and by generous external entertainers and artists is available to view on the UHBW YouTube channel and on the children's hostpial Facebook page

Thank you to The Grand Appeal for generously funding a selection of these videos part of their dedicated arts programme, Arts Unleashed.

Videos available:

Bristol Sport Foundation

Bristol Sport Foundation - 'Present Toss' activity video. Featuring Bristol Flyers!

Bristol Sport Foundation - 'Brizzley's Balloon Blast' activity video. Featuring  Pat Lam - Bristol Bears' Director of Rugby.

Bristol Sport Foundation - 'Lara's Festive Workout'. Featuring Tommy Rowe, Bristol City FC player

Live Music Now:

A Christmas concert with clarinet duo Katie and Daisy AND a Christmas Concert with guitarist Chris Webb

Story telling with Cassandra Wye: 

"The Elves and the Shoe Maker" (suitable for all ages and tailored for children between 5 - 8 years old)

"Starlight" (suitable for all ages and tailored for 8 - 12 years old)

"The Little Deer Who Did not want to be Alone" (Story suitable for all ages and tailored for younger children, includes animal puppets and some makaton.)

Lauren Balasco - Christmas and Disney songs 

Krazy Kev and Dinky Dino - Christmas Show

Japanese phrases and festive words from Make A Smile 

Doodling with artist 'Silent Hobo' 

Colin Dymond - Christmas magic show and puppets

Festive Fimo - A tutorial with Charlotte Stowell

"Friends of the Forest" read by Bristol Royal Hospital for Children Hospital Scout group leader

A Christmas message from Batman - UK Garisson

All Origami with Alex videos can be found here - including the festive origami models!

Bristol Children's Hospital's Got Talent introduction video 


The Service of Light

The 2020 Service of Light can be viewed on YouTube here.


Friends for Parents festive quiz questions and answers

Our Friends for Parents volunteers created a family friendly quiz, suitable for any Christmas!

1]   The poinsettia is a traditional Christmas flower. Where did it originally come from? Mexico

2]   What is the name of Germany's Christmas cake? Stollen

3]  According Dr Seuss who stole Christmas? The Grinch

4]  At the end of 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens, Scrooge invites Bob Cratchit to join him for a smoking bishop. What does he mean by that? Scrooge is inviting him to have some mulled wine

5]  What were carols before they became known as Christmas songs? They were originally pieces of music for dances

6]  How many gifts would you have received from your true love by the end of the 12 days of Christmas? 364 gifts [1 on the first day (partridge)  plus 3 on the second day (1 partridge plus 2 turtle doves) etc. up to 12 days 

7]  In Victorian England how did turkeys get from Norfolk to Christmas markets in London? They walked wearing special sacking or leather boots to protect their feet

8]  The title of which musical which ran in the West End from 2002-2014 is also the title of a children's carol? We Will Rock You

9] What did Good King Wenceslas see when he looked out? Good King Wenceslas saw the snow lying deep and crisp and even

10]  Which country begins Christmas with a meal they call Weigilia? Poland - Wigilia is a Christmas Eve dinner usually fish-based

11]  Can you identify these 4 Christmas carols and songs from the initial letters of their titles?    D D M O H,   J B,    O L T O B,    L D.

Ding Dong Merrily On High, Jingle Bells, O Little Town Of Bethlehem, Little Donkey

12] Which of Santa's reindeers has a connection with St. Valentine's Day? Cupid

13] How do you wish a Happy Christmas to a Welsh-speaking family? Nadolig Llawen

14]  Which British monarch delivered the first Christmas broadcast to the nation in 1932? George Vth

15] What do you find under a white covering at Christmas?  Marzipan lies under a white covering of icing on a Christmas cake

16] What happened on Christmas Day in 1916,1927, 1938, 1956, 1964, 1968, 1970, 1976, 1996, and 1999 and on none of the other years?

It snowed in London [on the roof of the London Weather Centre where a flake falling means it is officially snowing]

17] How did the Christmas Steps in Bristol get their name? [Two possible answers!]

The Nativity scene in the window of the 3 Kings Chapel at the top of the steps [which are to the left off Colston Street not far from the hospital] could have led to the name Christmas Steps but there is also a theory that, as knife-smiths used to have their businesses there, it was called Knyfesmuths  Street. If you pronounce that quickly with a hard 'K' as in kite it could sound like Christmas

18] Where did brandy butter originally come from? Cumberland

19] The name of which of this hospital's wards could make you think of Christmas? Starlight Ward -the shepherds and the Wise Men followed the star to the manger in Bethlehem

20] Which traditional song mentions figgy pudding?

'We wish you a merry Christmas' - which is the message the Friends for Parents team send to you!