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BHOC Acute Care

To contact BHOC Acute Care for advice - 24 hours a day 7 days a week, please phone 0117 342 2011.

1. What is the "BHOC Acute Care" unit?

It is an assessment unit for patients who are unwell on anti-cancer treatment. This service has a team, including a Nurse Practitioner, a senior doctor and qualified staff nurse.  

2. How big is it?

The department is a mixed sex assessment area for 4 patients, therefore there may be male and female patients being assessed. However there are separate toilet facilities for men and women.

3. What should I expect?

You will be assessed in order, depending on how serious your condition is, either by the Nurse Practitioner or doctor. A decision will be made within 4 hours of your arrival to decide whether you need to stay to be admitted into hospital for treatment or if you can go home.

What will happen?

You are likely to:

  • be asked about your treatment you have had so far for cancer
  • be asked about your current symptoms
  • have your blood pressure, pulse, breathing rate and temperature taken.

What might happen?

You may:

  • have a blood sample or x-ray taken
  • have a cannula inserted into the back of your hand / your arm so that we could give  medications or fluids into your vein if needed.

These are common investigations and should not cause you concern.

If it is decided that you need to be admitted to the hospital then the BHOC Acute Care Team will try and admit you to an appropriate ward within the Oncology centre.   

4. How long will it take?

Your priority to see the specialist practitioner will be based on your initial assessment and not necessarily the time you arrived.

We aim to complete your stay in this unit within four hours, and provide a clean safe environment with high standards of care. 

5. Can my relative(s) stay with me?

It is anticipated that patients will arrive at BHOC Acute Care with a relative/friend.  There is a day room close by where your accompanying relative may be asked to wait whilst you are being assessed.