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Paying for private services

A member of the Private Services Team will contact you with a price package for your private treatment, which may alter during the course of your treatment or procedure if any changes are required to your planned care or due to diagnostic findings.

The cost of treatment is the same whether you have private medical insurance or if you are funding your treatment yourself.

The Consultant will charge you directly for their fee and this will be separate to hospital charges as per the price package.

Self funding

If you are funding the cost of your private treatment yourself, you will be required to settle the full amount of the price package before your private treatment or procedure. 

You will receive an invoice for any outstanding amount at the end of your private treatment and this will need to be paid to the Finance Department promptly.

Methods of payment

Online payment

Private Medical Insurance

Please discuss with your private healthcare insurer should you wish to receive your private treatment at the University Hospital Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. Please clarify if there are any financial limits for your policy, as for any balances not covered by your private health insurance, the Trust will send you an invoice detailing the outstanding charges that you need to pay.

Prior to treatment or procedure you will be required to provide the Private Services Team with your insurance company details and membership or policy number so we can contact the insurer for pre-authorisation for your private treatment.

If you are unable to provide your full insurance details prior to your private treatment you will default to self funding.

Please note: the patient remains liable for the full cost of their treatment whether they are covered by medical insurance or self funding.