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Message to My Loved One

UHBW Website Message To My Loved One

Share a message with your loved one in hospital

We know it is important for our patients to keep in contact with family and friends and we will support them where possible to make use of any telephone or video calls so they can keep in contact with their loved ones.

But it is also important that we look at other ways we can help people keep in touch and this new Message to My Loved One service gives people a chance to try something a bit different to the normal routine methods of communication at a distance.

The Message to My Loved One service is being run by UHBW's patient experience team with the support of Trust Voluntary Services and allows people to send in messages via email or a dedicated phone line, which will then be printed and delivered to patients.

Messages received by 11am each day, Monday to Friday, will be delivered that day to inpatients in our hospitals.

If you would like to send a message to a loved one in hospital please email  or call 0117 342 1561 for Bristol hospital sites or 01934 881394 for Weston General Hospital.