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Research areas & NIHR Biomedical Research Units

UH Bristol is a leading international centre for healthcare research and education and has a considerable reputation for innovative research and development. Key to this success are our collaborations with the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England (see our Working in Partnership page for links to their research web pages). Our aim is to integrate research with clinical care in all our hospitals, for example 90% of cardiac surgery patients are offered the chance to take part in research, and are over 90 trials taking place at the Bristol Haematology & Oncology Centre (BHOC).

We carry out research into many different disease areas, with over 600 active studies in 2012.

We hold grants from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) across our specialties. These range from two Biomedical Research Units (Cardiovascular and Nutrition), through Programme Grants for Applied Research (Cardiovascular, Eye Disease, Maxillo-Facial Surgery) to single project grants (Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Cancer, Paediatrics, Rheumatology, Respiratory Medicine, Health Services Research, Medical Physics). Alongside these we hold and support grants from other large charities and from commercial companies.

We host the Clinical Research Network (CRN) West of England, and the Medicines for Children Research Network (South West) and work closely with them as a member organisation of the networks to deliver research led from other hospitals and universities. Our aim is to increase the number of studies we can offer to our patients, and to help them understand more about research and what it means to the NHS. To complement the non-commercial research we carry out we have a large portfolio of commercial research. The money we receive to support this research is used to pay for staff who run the trials and is reinvested in the Trust to support other research projects.

Bristol Cardiovascular NIHR Biomedical Research Unit
The Cardiovascular BRU is a collaboration between UH Bristol and the University of Bristol, funded by the NIHR, performing world-class research into heart disease.
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Bristol Nutrition NIHR Biomedical Research Unit
The Nutrition BRU is a collaboration between UH Bristol and the University of Bristol, funded by the NIHR to perform research into the areas of Human Nutrition and Diet & Lifestyle
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Research specialities and facilities
UH Bristol also conducts research into many other disease areas, and has world class facilities for conducting and supporting research studies.
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