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Our Research Grants

Here is a list of our current research grants.  Please click on the links in the table below to view the grant summary.

Chief Investigator


Title and link to grant details

Dates and original duration ("+" indicates extension)

Total Awarded

Professor Gianni Angelini

NIHR Biomedical Research Unit


Apr 2012- Mar 2017   5 years

£  6,913,332

Professor Andy Ness

NIHR Biomedical Research Unit

Nutrition, Diet & Lifestyle including Obesity

Apr 2012- Mar 2017
5 years

£  4,491,071

Professor Jenny Donovan

NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care


Jan 2014 - Dec 2018 5 years

£  8,970,965

Jane Blazeby

NIHR Health Technology Assessment

"Bluebell" - surgery trial, dressing vs. no dressing

2 years

£  389,803

Alastair Poole

NIHR Invention for Innovation

Development of a novel clinical platelet function analyser

2 years

£  543,926

Robin Holmes

NIHR Post Doctoral Clinical Scientist Fellowship

Neuroimaging Analysis in Dementia - Training for Clinicians and Novel Hardware Phantom Development

4 years

£  355,224

Valentino Oriolo

NIHR Doctroal Training Fellowship

Quality of Life in Survivors of out of hospital cardiac arrest. What is the best outcome measure?

5 years

£  160284

Sarah Hewlett

NIHR Health Technology Assessment

Reducing Arthritis Fatigue - clinical Teams using cognitive behavioural approaches (RAFT)

4.5 years

£  1,315,460

John Sparrow

NIHR - Programme Grant for Applied Research

Cataract Surgery: Measuring and predicting patient level vision related health benefits and harms

5 years

£  1,997,021

Jonathan Benger

NIHR Programme Development Grant

Research programme for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest at UHBristol

1.5 years

£  99,936

Barney Reeves & Maria Pufulete

NIHR Health Technology Assessment

Does serum B type natriuretic peptide (BNP or NT-BNP) testing and monitoring in patients with heart failure in primary and secondary care benefit patients and the NHS?

2 years

£  225,372

Richard Brindle

NIHR Research for Patient Benefit

Adjunctive Clindamycin For Cellulitis: Clinical trial comparing flucloxacillin with or without clindamycin for the treatment of limb cellulitis (C4C Trial).

2.5 years

£  249,404

Jacqui Clinch/Margaret Fletcher

NIHR Research for Patient Benefit

SPaCE - Supporting Parents with A Child with arthritis

3 years

£  249,398

Shane Clarke

NIHR Research for Patient Benefit

The use of FRAX in emergency medicine to screen patients for treatment for osteoperosis

2 years

£  235,573

Rob Tulloh, Vanessa Garrett, Rosie Jones,

NIHR Research for Patient Benefit

Psychological intervention on pulmonary artery hypertension (PATHWAYS)

3 years

£  234,071

Peter Fleming

NIHR Service Delivery and Organisation

A neonatal discharge package to increase parental confidence in caring for their infant

3+ years

£  383,326