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Innovation case studies

Beating Heart Coronary Surgery Technique

Cardiovascular disease is the UK's biggest killer and accounts for almost half of all deaths. It kills more people each year than all types of cancer combined.

The innovating Beating Heart surgery technique was developed at the Bristol Heart Institute and has multiple benefits. It significantly reduces the risk of post-operative morbidity, time in intensive care and the length of hospital stay. It has fewer post-surgery complications and is as safe as conventional surgery. There is a 25% cost saving per patient treated and usage of the technique is now 15-20% worldwide.

It was developed by Professor Gianni Angelini and Professor Raimondo Ascione in partnership with the University of Bristol and has been recognised by independent external sources with the following awards:

  • 'Surgical Team of the Year Award' by Hospital Doctor 2005
  • 'Cardiovascular Team of the Year' Runner Up Award by Hospital Doctor 2005
  • 'John Parker Gold Medal' by UK Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2011

Doccom Communication Matters

Doccom is a cloud-based Enterprise Social Networking Platform which allows healthcare professionals and their organisations to communicate. The platform creates a social layer across a healthcare organisation allowing healthcare professionals and the care teams they are part of to work more efficiently. Organisations benefit from rich business intelligence and insight into their workforce and are able to solve major business problems related to safety and efficiency through a series of applications that pick up specific business problems.

Developed by Dr Jonathan Bloor and Dr Jonathan Shaw, this award winning communications technology company solves problems resulting from inefficient communications within healthcare organisations.

Safe Sit

Patients frequently require assistance to sit up after having scans, therapy or other treatment. Professionals providing assistance are at risk of back and shoulder strain and injury. Imaging and radiotherapy equipment is complex and sensitive and traditional manual handling equipment can be unsuitable. Safe Sit was created to overcome these challenges and is an innovative solution to assist patients to sit up after therapy and scanning procedures.

Safe Sit is a sock-like device which can be slipped over the end of a couch or treatment table. Handles are sewn in on a ladder formation that allow the patient to pull themselves safely into a sitting position. It is simple, quick to fit and remove and can be used on CT, MRI & PET scanners as well as trolleys, stretchers, beds, couches and even operating tables!

The product is designed to improve patient safety, comfort and security. It minimises potential injury to the assisting healthcare professional and is designed to be used several times by the patient before disposal. It helps to reduce the spread of infection and is a cost-effective solution to manual handling.

Designed and developed by Jane Bailey, an Oncology nurse at the Trust, the patent was granted in 2009. It was further developed, licensed and launched by Silvalea Ltd in 2010 and is now commercialised and on sale in the UK and European markets.

Safe Sit is a registered trademark.